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Fire Fighting Plane crash caused by heart attack

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The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released its final report yesterday into the cause of the April 23, 2010 crash of a Grumman TBM Avenger Water Bomber. Ronny Clowes, 62, was founded death after¬† the aircraft collided with the ground just south of the airport, two minutes after departure.¬†The final report, which is available online, named two contributing factors, or causes, in the crash. The first was Clowes’ underlying coronary disease, which was not identified despite the defences built into the Civil Aviation Medicine, or CAM, system. The second factor was the fact Clowes suffered a heart attack during flight that led to the crash. Clowes was being treated for high blood pressure and he also had elevated blood sugar levels at the time of the accident. The prevention system was unable to avoid this incapacitation and this accident can serve the purpose of helping to revamp that system.


** Plane crash caused by heart attack

      Stacey Foster / CANADAEAST NEWS SERVICE-  07-October-2011

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