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Flight Attendant Fatigue : A review of Comments

Martes, 11 de octubre de 2011 FAA CAMI Library Dejar un comentario Ir a comentarios

Today‚Äôs aviation industry is a 24/7 operation that produces a variety of challenges for cabin crew members including extended duty periods, highly variable schedules, frequent time zone changes, and increased passenger loads.¬†The present content analysis study was conducted to provide a quantitative review of flight attendant comments. This report corroborate and emphasize the main issues of concern for flight attendants: long duty days, length of layovers, long delays, breaks, and nutrition, that has been known in other surveys. It has a special interest for AMES’s who care flight attendants


**Flight Attendant Fatigue: A Quantitative Review of Comments

    DOT/FAA/AM-11/16 .office of Aerospace Medicine. Washington РOctober 2011-

   Avers KB, Nei D, King JS, Thomas S, Roberts C, Banks JO, Nesthus TE

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