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Civilian Drone Aircraft: 驴Future of Air Medical Transport?

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The FAA is intending to propose new rules for civilian use of small drone aircraft in January. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also known popularly as 鈥渄rones,鈥 are most recognized for their crucial role in the war in Afghanistan.聽They have been also used very recently 聽in civilian field, you may recall that after the catastrophic tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year, several types of robotic aircraft assisted air ambulance crews in search and rescue operations. The FAA hasn鈥檛 fully permitted drones in airspace at home due to concerns that the robotic craft do not yet have sufficient 鈥渄etect, sense, and avoid. This story may seem like the science fiction of years past, but the technology of reality has now caught up with the writer鈥檚 imagination. What鈥檚 more, now that robotic aircraft technology has arrived, it鈥檚 very unlikely to disappear.

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聽聽聽聽聽 FAA Setting Rules for Civilian Drone Aircraft in 2012; Future of Air Medical Transport?

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