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Research report into Australian commercial pilots鈥 experiences with fatigue

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The research report, Fatigue experience and culture in Australian commercial air transport pilots , highlights the majority of pilot surveyed reported they were well rested at the end of their last duty. Over half of the pilots reported having seven hours of sleep or more in the previous 24 hours, and over 60 per cent reported having more than 14 hours in the previous 48 hours at the end of their past . The report shows that 10 per cent of pilots reported obtaining less than five hours of sleep in the previous 24 hours, and 17 per cent reported they had less 12 hours in the previous 48 hours of their last fight.

In Australia, high capacity regular public transport operators are required to transition to the new fatigue rules by聽30 September 2019. All other operators will need to adopt the new fatigue requirements by 26 March 2020.

Fatigue Experience and Culture in Australian Commercial Air Transport Pilots 2019 / (63 pag.)

Aviation Safety Research and Analysis Publications 1984-2011

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has released a brochure that lists its aviation research and education reports produced since 1984 in chronological order and arranged by the broad topic area.聽All reports are available electronically on the ATSB internet site聽 and hard copies are available on request. This brochure will be updated annually. Undoubtfully this can be very useful for all of us devoted to this aeromedical field.

** ATSB Safety Research Brochure 1984-2011

** Australian Transportattion Safety BoTSB internet site