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Qantas B747 Accident Bangkok : “A repairing story”

Viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011 Esther Felipe Duyos 1 comentario

A B747 Qantas Flight 1 flying from Sydney to London through Kangaroo Route overrun runway at landing in heavy rain for a Bangkok¬† stopover, 23-September-1999. This incident was Qantas’ most significant incident in fifty years of jet aircraft operation. There were no significant passenger injuries during an orderly evacuation of the aircraft ordered some 20 minutes after the rough landing. Thirty-eight passengers reported minor injuries. The aircraft was repaired and was returned to service. Here you can see a powerpoint presentation by Peter Thomas about the whole repairing process that took place to resume its flights more than six months after the accident. One can imagine through these photos ¬†how complex and¬†challenging ¬†can become such a work.


** Qantas B747 Accident Bangkok 1999 : A repairing story   Р63 Slides presentation-