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This month, CallBack from NASA`s Aviation Safety Report System takes a look at how the urge to press on to ones`s destination, despite conditions that might otherwise discourage such a decision, can lead to risky behavior and undesirable consequences. Four pilots who let “ge麓-home-itis” cloud their thinking share valuable insights into avoiding this dangerous malady.

** Get-Home-itis

聽聽聽聽聽 CALLBACK / ARS -NASA Issue 389. June 2012

Midair Collisions: “See and Avoid”

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The number of midair collisions in the United States has averaged 30 per year since 1978, generally involving general aviation aircrafts, but by no means other operators are inmune. In the preceding 12 month period, over 4.000 in-flihght traffic collisions were reported to NASA-ASRS. The following ASRS reports published at CallBack September issue show that the “See and Avoid” principle remains a crucial aspect of collision avoidance in visual conditions

** Midair Collisions : “See and Avoid”

聽聽聽聽聽CALLBACK / Issue 380 – September 2011-

聽聽聽聽聽From NASA麓s Aviation Safety Report System (ASRS)

Listen to the Little Voice…

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ASRS report narratives frequently contain references to a 鈥渓ittle voice鈥 that offers timely advice. The voice, of course, resides within the mind of the reporter and is usually the voice of experience or sometimes just the 鈥渧ocalization鈥 of a gut feeling. Here from the last CALLBACK from NASA’s Aviation Safety Report System(ASRS) you can read several cases from pilots to air traffic controller.

** ASRS / Listen to the Little Voice 聽 CALLBACK – February 2011