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ESAM Conference November 2012/London

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The 3rd European Conference in Aerospace Medicine will be held on 9th,10th and 11th  November 2012 at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow, London.The theme is Medicine in the Extreme Environment, and will include clinical sessions on the challenges of illness in remote situations, the physiology of extremes, and the aeromedical aspects of space tourism. There will be presentations of scientific papers throughout the weekend, and poster displays.The organising committee from ESAM and AAME look forward to welcoming you to London in Olympic year for what we hope will be a world class conference.


** 3rd European Conference  in Aerospace Medicine   London 9th-11th /November/ 2012

ESAM at AsMa Anchorage 2011

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This one is the letter  sent to us by Paolo Tosco (ESAM Secretary General) for inviting  to everybody to the ESAM meeting that will be held at AsMA Anchorage:

“Dear all colleagues and friends, please find enclosed the poster of ESAM Meeting at Anchorage. Those who will be there are requested to attend it‚Ķof course! Those who otherwise will remain at home are requested to read on ESAM-AsMA website the reports of such important events‚Ķof course! ¬†Best regards”


ESAM handout at AsMA Anchorage 2011

Head of the Italian Air Force Aerospace Medicine Specialization and Training Institute  Viale Piero Gobetti  2/A 00185 ROMA  

“What did the Romans ever do for me…. or why my organisation should be a member of ESAM?”

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If you had still¬†any doubt about why we belong to ESAM, here a briefing sent us by Roland Vermeiren:¬† “You would be a member of a Europe wide organisation, which represents every significant aerospace organisation in Europe.It is a Society which would represent you at an influential level in EASA, at a time of major upheaval in aeromedical regulation in Europe.It is a society which can speak authoritatively on your behalf, instead of allowing pressure groups, politicians or journalists to dominate the debate.You are a member of an organisation which had built up strong connections with other major aerospace medical organisations, such as AsMA and IAASM.”



** Achievements of ESAM over the past years

     Roland Vermeiren / March 2011

**Abstracts &  Presentations of 2nd ECAM Aeroespace Medicine Conference / Athens 2010

ESAM General Assembly at ECAM Athens 2010

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As you were reported at Palma de Mallorca Symposium, our representative at ESAM, Dr. Ramón Dominguez-Mompell , attended the General Assembly that held at ECAM (European Conference of Aerospace Medicine) in Athens on November 13th. He informs us about the ESAM activities carried out jointly with EASA, Eurocontrol and AsMa, to which provides us with the slide presentation made before the General Assembly kindly provided by President Roland Vermeiren. Likewise you can browse the list of regular and associated members of ESAM where you can identify our society and ESAM Certificate of Membership for SEMA. The SEMA Board thanks to Dr. Dominguez-Mompell their work on behalf of all society members and to Iberia as sponsor to facilitate the attendance at these meetings. Next ECAM is planned in UK 2012.



** ESAM Report to General Assembly Athens Nov 2010.ppt

      Roland Vermeiren / President of ESAM

** ESAM_Members

**ESAM Certificate of Membership for Spanish Society of Aerospace Medicine 2010

European Aviation Medicine Award 2011

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Prof Uwe St√ľben reports that ¬†”The Scientific Board of the European School of Aviation¬†¬†Medicine”¬† has decided to offer the scientific award to all EASA member states, starting in 2011. The European School of Aviation Medicine Award recognizes work that demonstrates excellence in clinical practice, education and/or administration in the field of aviation, aerospace, travel medicine and related scientific areas.


** The European Aviation Medicine Award 2011

      European School of Aviation Medicine