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Northrop Grumman X-47B 1st flight

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The Northrop Grumman X-47B is a demonstration Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. The X-47 began as part of DARPA’s J-UCAS program, and is now part of the United States Navy’s UCAS-D (Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstration) program to create a carrier-based unmanned aircraft. With a range over 3000 Km and none on board is expected to finish its sea trials at聽 2013.聽We want to thank to Luis Santiesteban聽 for his videos and news in these topics that so聽kindly send us from Northrop Grumman in California.

US Naval Flight Surgeons Manual

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The unique aspect of aerospace medicine as practiced by a U.S. Naval Flight 聽聽Surgeon is the requirement to function independently at isolated duty stations. Whether at sea, on a small patch of land in mid-ocean, or at expeditionary airfield of the Fleet Marine Force, Flight Surgeons are often called upon to make medical and administrative decisions which affect the lives and careers of the most critical assets in the naval service – members of the Naval Aviation community. This manual is both an introduction to the various aspects of Naval Aerospace Medicine and a guide for dealing with the other complex administrative procedures known as 鈥渢he system”.

US Naval Flight Surgeon Manual

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Navy helicopter accident

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Helicopters are complex, sophisticated machines.Vertical flight is an exclusive engineering feat that only helicopters can offer. They operate close to the ground. It therefore requires special attention to ensure safety of flight.
Particular types of helicopter operations鈥military, fire-fighting, law enforcement, medical evacuation鈥攁re even more demanding, as you can see at this video.