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NTSB Safety Report : Medical Implications about DHC-3T Collision into terrain

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Once again Dougal Watson, Aeromed-List editor puts us on track on this interesting report ¬†from the NTSB : ¬†”An accident involving a single-engine, turbine-powered, amphibious float-equipped de Havilland DHC-3T airplane,¬†which impacted mountainous, tree-covered terrain about 10 nautical miles northeast of Aleknagik, Alaska.¬†Among the safety issues discussed¬† inadequate FAA guidance related to the medical certification of pilots who have had a cerebrovascular event, and the lack of passenger briefings related to survival and communications equipment.


      Highly advisable to read whole report and specially pdf-pages #19-23, 55-56, 65-68 and 73-75 as well as conclusions

** NTSB Accident Report DHC-37 Alaska 2010 



Owatonna Airport Accident 2008: Fatigue was a contributing factor

Pilot error was to blame for the crash of a Hawker Beechcraft 125-800A in July 2008, the NTSB said on Tuesday (15th march). The airplane, operated by East Coast Jets, crashed when the crew attempted a go-around after landing on a wet runway at Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, in Minnesota. Contributing factors were poor crew coordination and lack of cockpit discipline; fatigue, which likely impaired both pilots’ performance; and the FAA’s failure to require crew resource management training and standard operating procedures…



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The NTSB most wanted list

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The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) presents its most wanted list of Transportation Safety Improvements. Regarding to Aviation: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should Improve Oversight of Pilot Proficiency, Require Image Recorders inside cockpits, Improve the Safety of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Flights, Improve Runway Safety, Reduce Dangers to Aircraft Flying in Icing Conditions, Improve Crew Resource Management, and Reduce Accidents and Incidents Caused by Human Fatigue in the Aviation Industry.


** ¬ŅDo you want to read the whole list regarding Rail, Marine, Highway and Aviation Safety improvements?

       NTSB Most Wanted Transportation Safety Improvements 2010