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USAF vows to discover root cause of Raptor’s maladies

Miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012 FSI / Curt Lewis Sin comentarios

Air Force leaders provided an update on the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board study into the F-22 Raptor life support systems. From April 2008 until May 2011, the Air Force experienced 14 physiological incidents with the fleet of F-22s, noticed a pattern of unexplained hypoxia-like physiological incidents. The USAF¬†have taken precautionary measures such as installing activated-charcoal filters, oxygen sensors, and having pilots wear a pulse-oximeter. But despite the “mitigation efforts,” there continues to be incidents recorded every month.


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**¬† USAF vows to discover root cause of Raptor’s maladies

       Flight Global / Dave Majumdar / 29-03-2012

** AF Scientific Board Says F-22 Pilot Safety a Priority

      Mitch Gettle / News / 02-04-2012

National Museum of USAF: “Virtual Tour”

Viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011 Enriqueta Alomar Sin comentarios

Robert Orford has shared with all of us through Aeromed-List this interesting “Virtual Tour” of one of the most important Aviation Museums in the world,¬†especially ¬†regarding to military aviation. The National Museum of US Air Force¬†can be visited at 1100 Spaatz Street¬†,Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433¬†. You can get plenty of information as well as many related links that can be useful for your daily job or just sit down, relax and enjoy these beautiful and historical sights.


** The National Musueum of¬†US Air Force :¬† ” Virtual Tour”