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26 07, 2011

Shape Up


You can already read in last AeroSafetyWorld (June 2011) this interesting article about a  need to reinforce professionalism as a mean to improve safety. Citing a “disturbing number” of events involving nonadherence with standard operating procedures by pilots and air [...]

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8 07, 2011

A propósito de la seguridad del Parapente y Ala Delta


Leemos en la prensa  los dos accidentes protagonizados por Francisco Vargas y Eitel Von Muhlenbroc, dos pilotos de origen argentino y chileno respectivamente, que fallecieron sin poder ser trasladados al hospital. Ambos participaban en el Mundial de Parapente que se inauguraba el [...]

A propósito de la seguridad del Parapente y Ala Delta2011-07-08T08:51:28+01:00
4 07, 2011

IATA Aviation Health Conference London 2011


The Aviation Health Conference 2011 will continue to emphasize cabin crew and passenger health, but will also target a wider audience, including flight deck crew when appropriate.     Chaired by: Claude Thibeault, Medical Advisor, IATA Speakers include two distinguished [...]

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