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29 08, 2011

Aviation Safety Research and Analysis Publications 1984-2011


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has released a brochure that lists its aviation research and education reports produced since 1984 in chronological order and arranged by the broad topic area. All reports are available electronically on the ATSB internet site  [...]

Aviation Safety Research and Analysis Publications 1984-20112011-08-29T09:54:32+01:00
23 08, 2011

En el quirófano y en el avión con los 5 sentidos


Ernesto Sanz, miembro del equipo de Patología Mamaria del Hospital Casa Salud de Valencia, es un cirujano de altos vuelos  pendiente de la licencia de piloto comercial de líneas aéreas. Dice Ernesto en la entrevista  publicada en Diario Médico que [...]

En el quirófano y en el avión con los 5 sentidos2011-08-23T07:00:00+01:00
19 08, 2011

The QThrombosis Risk Calculator


A new algorithm can accurately predict a patient's 1- and 5-year risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE) using simple clinical variables, according to a study in BMJ. The following were some of the factors predictive of incident VTE: older age, higher [...]

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17 08, 2011

On the Home Front: "A stressful family life can affect performance in the cockpit"


The results of this study indicate  that stability in relationships and home life were the most important factors in helping pilots cope with stress and  that the effects of domestic stress carry over to the pilots’ work world, directly influencing [...]

On the Home Front: "A stressful family life can affect performance in the cockpit"2011-08-17T11:10:22+01:00
12 08, 2011

Qantas B747 Accident Bangkok : "A repairing story"


A B747 Qantas Flight 1 flying from Sydney to London through Kangaroo Route overrun runway at landing in heavy rain for a Bangkok  stopover, 23-September-1999. This incident was Qantas' most significant incident in fifty years of jet aircraft operation. There [...]

Qantas B747 Accident Bangkok : "A repairing story"2011-08-12T05:57:27+01:00
10 08, 2011

Aviation Psychology & Applied Human Factors : -New journal-


Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors publishes innovative, original, high-quality applied research covering all aspects of the aerospace domain.It is the  Official Organ of the European Association for Aviation Psychology. In order to make the journal accessible to both practitioners [...]

Aviation Psychology & Applied Human Factors : -New journal-2011-08-10T05:57:19+01:00
8 08, 2011

¿Sabes qué es….IVAO?


Si tienes interés en volar siguiendo los procedimientos del mundo real, con sus radioayudas, sus planes de vuelo, sus salidas  (SID) y llegadas (STAR) y los vuelos en tiempo real (y con meteorología real), pero no tienes el título de [...]

¿Sabes qué es….IVAO?2011-08-08T09:36:49+01:00
5 08, 2011

National Museum of USAF: "Virtual Tour"


Robert Orford has shared with all of us through Aeromed-List this interesting "Virtual Tour" of one of the most important Aviation Museums in the world, especially  regarding to military aviation. The National Museum of US Air Force can be visited at 1100 [...]

National Museum of USAF: "Virtual Tour"2011-08-05T06:09:58+01:00
3 08, 2011

Knuffingen Airport Photogallery


Knuffingen Airport is an incredible new miniature model, based on Hamburg’s airport, that has finally opened to the public. It’s on display at Miniatur Wunderland, in Hamburg. It cost 3.5million Euros – but the result is plane-ly amazing. Its view is [...]

Knuffingen Airport Photogallery2011-08-03T10:42:53+01:00