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30 04, 2012

Malaria – A hidden threat-


In 2010, about 3.3 billion people - almost half of the world's population - were at risk of malaria. Every year, this leads to about 216 million malaria cases and an estimated 655.000 deaths. People living in the poorest countries [...]

Malaria – A hidden threat-2012-04-30T10:24:07+01:00
26 04, 2012

Duty Time and Fatigue Video


Fatigue is one of the threats to flight safety. Long hours of activity may decrease the ability of the crew. Rest and  Flight Duty Times regulations  are essential countermeasures to prevent the effects of fatigue on performance. Humor is just [...]

Duty Time and Fatigue Video2012-04-26T06:00:24+01:00
24 04, 2012

Así sería un hipotético viaje a través de un agujero negro


El astrofísico Andrew Hamilton de la Universidad de Boulder (Colorado) ha realizado una rigurosa simulación con un superordenador siguiendo estrictamente las reglas de la Teoría de la Relatividad General, de lo que se vería en un hipotético viaje a través [...]

Así sería un hipotético viaje a través de un agujero negro2012-04-24T07:20:44+01:00
19 04, 2012

Human Factors Workshop in Amsterdam


Human error is associated with 60 to 80% of all accidents, injuries, and quality defects across a variety of industries including aviation, healthcare, mining and manufacturing. This intensive 2-day seminar provides training in the application of innovative methods for managing [...]

Human Factors Workshop in Amsterdam2012-04-19T09:42:18+01:00
18 04, 2012

Space Shuttle Flight Deck: Exclusive New Pictures with a new 360 panorama


This week NASA's space shuttle Discovery will fly low over Washington, D.C., atop a jumbo jet and roll into its new permanent home with the Smithsonian Institution. Once the spaceship is settled into the museum, visitors won't be able to [...]

Space Shuttle Flight Deck: Exclusive New Pictures with a new 360 panorama2012-04-18T06:13:40+01:00
17 04, 2012

Injured by Jet Blast at St Marteen


Airports often place their blast fences at the beginnings of runways, especially when roadways or structures are adjacent. Airports that are in dense urban areas often have blast fences between taxiways and airport borders. Jet blast deflectors usually direct exhaust [...]

Injured by Jet Blast at St Marteen2012-04-17T06:00:46+01:00
16 04, 2012

The "toxic" Captain : How to identify?


Shortly after take off from Douala, Cameroon, the pilots of a B737 from Kenya Airlines lost its control . The captain experienced confusion and spatial disorientation and the aircraft entered in an unrecovered spiral dive. Inadecuate operational control, lack of crew [...]

The "toxic" Captain : How to identify?2012-04-16T11:28:02+01:00
12 04, 2012

NTSB: Pilot overwhelmed by G-forces in Reno crash


The pilot of the P-51 Mustang that crashed at the Reno Air Races last September experienced overwhelming g-forces at the outset of the incident, and likely was incapacitated almost instantly, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday. The safety board said [...]

NTSB: Pilot overwhelmed by G-forces in Reno crash2012-04-12T07:22:50+01:00
11 04, 2012

ICAO Manual of Aviation Medicine 2012


The first edition of the ICAO Manual of Civil Aviation Medicine (Medical Manual) was published in 1974, second in 1985 and now this is the third edition in a attempt to  reflect those advances as they apply to civil aviation medicine, [...]

ICAO Manual of Aviation Medicine 20122012-04-11T17:34:36+01:00
10 04, 2012

¿Por qué la comida del avión nos sabe tan mal?


Leemos en el DM de hoy que nueve de cada diez viajeros están de acuerdo que las comidas del avión son insípidas en el mejor de los casos y asquerosas  en el peor. ¿Por qué sucede esto, por más que [...]

¿Por qué la comida del avión nos sabe tan mal?2012-04-10T10:31:55+01:00