ASEM is a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field of aviation / aerospace medicine.
Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine was founded as the Journal of Aviation Medicine in 1930 by Louis H. Bauer, M.D., and is published monthly by the  Aerospace Medical Association, a non-profit organization of physicians, physiologists, psychologists, nurses, engineers, and others working to solve the problems of human existence in threatening environments on or beneath the Earth or the sea, in the air, or in outer space
ASEM  1996-2003
ASEM  2003-2009
It is the most used and cited journal in its field, and is distributed to more than 80 nations.
The journal was first published, under the title «The Journal of Aviation Medicine»  in 1930. In 1959 the title changed to «Aerospace Medicine»  and in 1975 the current title, «Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine»  was edited.