The ATM (Air Traffic Managemnet System) is interactive and complex, operating in a continually changing environment. Traditionally, the focus of human performance has been on, for example, incident investigation, recruitment, training or equipment design. While this isolated approach continues to deliver good human performance, it is also important that all areas that contribute to human performance are managed at a programme level, in an integrated manner. This is because each area is connected and this connection needs to be managed….

Good human performance is required to deliver good air traffic management. At a time when new technology and procedures are being introduced with a greater reliance on automation, a high level of performance from the humans in the system has never been so important. To keep the system safe, efficient and effective, adaptation and flexibility is necessary. It is the people in the system that provide this resiliency.
This  CANSO (Civil Air navigation Services Organization ) report provides ANSPs with a means for assessing their current level of maturity with respect to human performance management. It can also be used to identify an organisation’s priorities for improvement and the actions that should be undertaken.
CANSO Standard of Excellence in Human Performance Management 2019