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3 04, 2019

Air Hollywood


Air Hollywood es el nombre de un curioso estudio de cine especializado en aviones. Aunque sus instalaciones más famosas están en Los Ángeles también tiene otras en Atlanta y Victorville (California). En el vídeo de Insider se pueden ver muchas [...]

Air Hollywood2019-04-03T08:04:44+01:00
2 02, 2019

Captain Sullenberger heading to Hudson ?


Enjoy this funny video Captain Sullenberg (Tom Hanks) and Captain Hubbard (Alec Baldwin) in a large cockpit at SNL ( NBC Saturday Night Live ), arguing about their roles as pilots in command. Let use it as a homage to [...]

Captain Sullenberger heading to Hudson ?2019-02-02T08:00:54+01:00
26 01, 2019

Captain Roger Victor "The Puppet Pilot"


Captain Roger Victor is a puppet airline pilot from Speed Tape Airlines , a very,...very low , low ..... cost and no frill  US Regional Airline. His satire videos about funny airline life are worthy of watching. Don`t miss it¡ [...]

Captain Roger Victor "The Puppet Pilot"2019-01-26T09:00:20+01:00
28 09, 2012

Should there be child-free zones on planes and trains?


At 35,000ft, the klaxon-like howl of a distressed toddler screeches through a pressurised cabin. For travellers already stressed by lengthy security checks, crammed into cramped seating and unnerved by the very fact of being so high above ground, it's almost [...]

Should there be child-free zones on planes and trains?2012-09-28T11:38:35+01:00
26 04, 2012

Duty Time and Fatigue Video


Fatigue is one of the threats to flight safety. Long hours of activity may decrease the ability of the crew. Rest and  Flight Duty Times regulations  are essential countermeasures to prevent the effects of fatigue on performance. Humor is just [...]

Duty Time and Fatigue Video2012-04-26T06:00:24+01:00
28 02, 2012

CheapAirlines : "Tecnología C.A.C.A."


La tripulación de CheapAirline  se enfrenta a la tecnología ATC más avanzada: los Centros Aéreos de Control Automático. ¿Lograrán aterrizar?.Así comienza el primer capítulo de la serie que publica Seguiremos el canal creado por Extracrew que irá publicando los [...]

CheapAirlines : "Tecnología C.A.C.A."2012-02-28T19:53:23+01:00
10 03, 2011

Thomson Airways In flight safety video


Reading a forum from Flight Gobal /Aerospace  , I met  by chance a Thomson Airways passenger thread describing amazement when he saw well the IFE screens dropped down and on came the safety video....that  certainly captured the passengers attention,- "I have never seen [...]

Thomson Airways In flight safety video2011-03-10T06:00:22+01:00