In July 2018 EASA released the outcome of two years of deliberation resulting from the response to the Germanwings tragedy in 2015. EASA rules cover three areas: Psychological testing of pre-employment, access to a pychological suport resource and substance abuse testing on a random basis. Of the three, the substance abuse requirement is arguably the most salient.The issues of psychological assessment and psychological support are more challenging to immediately ground in airline operations focused through the lens of the Germanwings tragedy. Psychological support for civil aircrew is not a new initiative in many ways and  psychological assessment requirement though  not 100% predictive, it could well allow for a general risk categorisation and individual monitoring…
MARC ATHERTON, RAeS Human Factors Group (HFG), considers the implications of EASA’s new rules on pilot mental fitness:
A Question of Psychology
Royal Aeronautical Society  / February 2019