As you were reported at Palma de Mallorca Symposium, our representative at ESAM, Dr. Ramón Dominguez-Mompell , attended the General Assembly that held at ECAM (European Conference of Aerospace Medicine) in Athens on November 13th. He informs us about the ESAM activities carried out jointly with EASA, Eurocontrol and AsMa, to which provides us with the slide presentation made before the General Assembly kindly provided by President Roland Vermeiren. Likewise you can browse the list of regular and associated members of ESAM where you can identify our society and ESAM Certificate of Membership for SEMA. The SEMA Board thanks to Dr. Dominguez-Mompell their work on behalf of all society members and to Iberia as sponsor to facilitate the attendance at these meetings. Next ECAM is planned in UK 2012.


** ESAM Report to General Assembly Athens Nov 2010.ppt
      Roland Vermeiren / President of ESAM
** ESAM_Members
**ESAM Certificate of Membership for Spanish Society of Aerospace Medicine 2010