Announcement Number: AAC-EXT-12-AAM630-22975

Opening Date: Oct 24, 2011 —  Close Date: Nov 25, 2011

 Business Component: FAA Aeronautical Center Region, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Aerospace Medical Research Division, Aeromedical Protection and Survival Research Lab, AAM-630

 Duty Location(s): Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  –  Vacancies:  1

 Salary Range: $120,096 – $179,700

Job Status: Full Time

 Appointment Duration: Permanent

Doy you want to know the Key requierements?

Key Requirements:
      * U.S. Citizen
      * Successful completion of a security investigation will be
      * A one year probationary period may be required.
      * This position has a positive education requirement, transcripts
      * Occasional travel may be required. 
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