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9 12, 2018

¿Sabes …qué es el Síndrome Aerotóxico?


El Síndrome Aerotóxico se describe como una amplia variedad de síntomas respiratorios y neurológicos que pueden afectar a viajeros frecuentes y personal de vuelo. Te invitamos a ver las diapositivas de la Conferencia del Dr. Jordi Roig Cutillas, en el [...]

¿Sabes …qué es el Síndrome Aerotóxico?2018-12-09T18:33:28+02:00
17 09, 2010

Australia High Court "Aerotoxic Syndrome": A historical decision


The problem of aircraft cabin air becoming contaminated by synthetic jet engine oils containing organophosphates (such as Tricresyl Phosphate, TCP) and a wide range of chemicals has been ongoing since the 1950s.  On 3 September 2010 a former Australian flight [...]

Australia High Court "Aerotoxic Syndrome": A historical decision2010-09-17T06:29:37+02:00
12 03, 2010

"Cabin Air Quality" / CAA Safety Report 2004


The Civil Aviation Authority(UK) initiated its research programme into cabin air quality in 2001 after a small number of events, including two on UK registered aircraft, where flight crew were partially incapacitated. Evidence from these incidents indicated that contamination of [...]

"Cabin Air Quality" / CAA Safety Report 20042010-03-12T11:46:10+02:00