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26 01, 2019

Captain Roger Victor "The Puppet Pilot"


Captain Roger Victor is a puppet airline pilot from Speed Tape Airlines , a very,...very low , low ..... cost and no frill  US Regional Airline. His satire videos about funny airline life are worthy of watching. Don`t miss it¡ [...]

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20 01, 2019

Aviation Health Conference 2019


The Aviation Health Conference 2019 is once more jointly convened with the Airlines Medical Directors Association (AMDA) and Chaired by David Powell, Medical Advisor to IATA, Aviation Medicine Specialist Virgin Australia Airlines and AMDA Past President If you are interested in [...]

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19 12, 2018

Commercial Aviation: "Exposure to NOISE aboard aircrafts "


Airline pilots and flight attendants, working in the cockpit and cabin, are exposed to noise from aircraft engines, high-speed airflow, and other sources. Exposure to elevated noise levels can cause permanent changes in hearing, diminished ability to communicate, and fatigue. [...]

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4 11, 2009

Aloha Airline Flight 243


On April 28, 1988, an Aloha Airline Boeing 737, N73711, was scheduled for a series of inter island flights in Hawaii. The crew flew three uneventful roundtrip flights, one each from Honolulu to Hilo....  

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