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28 06, 2019

Insulin Treatment and Flying: "The IFALPA Position"


Insulin treatment has normally been disqualifying for pilots’ medical certification in most States to date. However, treatment protocols and blood glucose monitoring have advanced considerably within the last decades. Experience from the U.K. has shown that, with a strict protocol, [...]

Insulin Treatment and Flying: "The IFALPA Position"2019-06-28T08:00:21+02:00
14 03, 2012

Tips for Travelling with Diabetes


Dr. Anne Peters introduces in this paper and video many useful tips for diabetics who travel by commercial planes. She talks about helping patients with doubts about their disease and how can be affected by traveling. She focuses on patients [...]

Tips for Travelling with Diabetes2012-03-14T10:47:18+02:00
17 02, 2012

Pilots flying with Diabetes and Insulin


"Pilots With Diabetes" (PWD) is a group of former commercial and military pilots, aspiring commercial pilots and current private pilots, all with insulin-dependent diabetes. Currently only five countries worldwide allow private flying with insulin dependent diabetes (USA, UK, Canada, Australia [...]

Pilots flying with Diabetes and Insulin2012-02-17T10:21:27+02:00