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1 02, 2019

CRM en Aviación : Programas a través de la Historia


Como resalta  Daniel Muñoz-Marrón-  piloto del Ejército del Aire y Psicólogo-, autor de este artículo que hoy te recomendamos leer;  se puede decir sin ninguna duda que los Programas de CRM (Crew Resource Management), son la contribución más importante de la [...]

CRM en Aviación : Programas a través de la Historia2019-02-01T09:00:55+02:00
4 01, 2019

Why Human Factors?


La medición de ciertos índices de los operarios - como pilotos o controladores de tráfico aéreo en el campo de la aeronáutica - tales como el estrés y la carga de trabajo mental es realmente innovador en diferentes sectores. BrainSigns [...]

Why Human Factors?2019-01-04T12:00:18+02:00
11 06, 2012

Breaking the Mishap Chain


This book that we recommend is about "Human Factors Lessons Learned from Aerospace  Accidents and Incidents in Research, Flight Test, and Development" .It contains a collection of case studies of mishaps involving experimental aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and spacecraft in which human [...]

Breaking the Mishap Chain2012-06-11T06:17:18+02:00
30 05, 2012

FAA Investigating 80 Year Old's Skydive Mishap -Video-


One 80 year old grandmother’s terrifying skydive is being investigated by the FAA after it went viral. The video was created by The Parachute Center, a skydiving company in Acampo, Calif., as a memento for jumpers to take home after [...]

FAA Investigating 80 Year Old's Skydive Mishap -Video-2012-05-30T10:39:30+02:00
29 05, 2012

Mental diseases not easy to diagnose


Physicians can't always identify a pilot's depression or other mental disorder during an aeromedical exam.Official accident reports atribute just a handful of crashes to a pilot's deliberate action, citing  a psychosomatic  disorder, a suicide or some unexplained motive. Here you [...]

Mental diseases not easy to diagnose2012-05-29T06:17:37+02:00
19 04, 2012

Human Factors Workshop in Amsterdam


Human error is associated with 60 to 80% of all accidents, injuries, and quality defects across a variety of industries including aviation, healthcare, mining and manufacturing. This intensive 2-day seminar provides training in the application of innovative methods for managing [...]

Human Factors Workshop in Amsterdam2012-04-19T09:42:18+02:00
16 04, 2012

The "toxic" Captain : How to identify?


Shortly after take off from Douala, Cameroon, the pilots of a B737 from Kenya Airlines lost its control . The captain experienced confusion and spatial disorientation and the aircraft entered in an unrecovered spiral dive. Inadecuate operational control, lack of crew [...]

The "toxic" Captain : How to identify?2012-04-16T11:28:02+02:00
7 03, 2012

European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) International Courses , 2012.


Dr Rob Lee, Kristina Pollack and Brent Hayward will be conducting two of their popular EAAP-recognized "Human Factors in Flight Safety, Safety Management Systems, Risk Management and Safety Investigation" courses in 2012. The first of these courses was conducted at [...]

European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) International Courses , 2012.2012-03-07T11:13:25+02:00