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26 09, 2012

Chamonix interdit les hommes-oiseaux


Le maire de Chamonix a décidé d’interdire par arrêté municipal la pratique du wingsuit  dans sa commune. Ce sport extrême très spectaculaire consiste à sauter d’une falaise muni d’une combinaison équipée d’ailes et à voler quelques instants au-dessus du relief [...]

Chamonix interdit les hommes-oiseaux2012-09-26T08:14:03+02:00
30 05, 2012

FAA Investigating 80 Year Old's Skydive Mishap -Video-


One 80 year old grandmother’s terrifying skydive is being investigated by the FAA after it went viral. The video was created by The Parachute Center, a skydiving company in Acampo, Calif., as a memento for jumpers to take home after [...]

FAA Investigating 80 Year Old's Skydive Mishap -Video-2012-05-30T10:39:30+02:00
26 04, 2012

Duty Time and Fatigue Video


Fatigue is one of the threats to flight safety. Long hours of activity may decrease the ability of the crew. Rest and  Flight Duty Times regulations  are essential countermeasures to prevent the effects of fatigue on performance. Humor is just [...]

Duty Time and Fatigue Video2012-04-26T06:00:24+02:00
2 04, 2012

El primer vuelo entre EEUU y España fue francés


Nadie programó que el primer vuelo transatlántico entre EE UU y España fuera francés. Solo fue fruto del azar que el 14 de junio de 1929, a las 20.40, el avión El pájaro amarillo realizara un aterrizaje de emergencia en [...]

El primer vuelo entre EEUU y España fue francés2012-04-02T09:28:32+02:00
16 12, 2011

Aviation Human Factors Research Announcement


A research study titled «A Descriptive Instrumental Collective Case Study of the Cognitive Processes Employed by Pilots-in-command During Extended, Extreme, In-flight Emergencies» is currently being conducted.  The purpose of this research is to provide an understanding of the cognitive processes (among [...]

Aviation Human Factors Research Announcement2011-12-16T09:53:25+02:00
21 10, 2011

IATA Position available at Global Safety Center


In our rapidly changing and dynamic environment, the International Air transport   Association (IATA) is currently recruiting for a: "Assistant Director GSIC ( Global Safety Information Center at Montreal-Canada) .Reporting to the Director, Global Safety, the incumbent will be responsible for [...]

IATA Position available at Global Safety Center2011-10-21T07:28:25+02:00
5 09, 2011

Un paseo por la realidad simulada


La despresurización de la cabina de un Airbus A-320, una persecución a bordo de un coche de policía o tomar una curva al límite en un autobús de línea. Probar un vehículo en las condiciones más extremas no requiere poner [...]

Un paseo por la realidad simulada2011-09-05T09:11:20+02:00
26 07, 2011

Shape Up


You can already read in last AeroSafetyWorld (June 2011) this interesting article about a  need to reinforce professionalism as a mean to improve safety. Citing a “disturbing number” of events involving nonadherence with standard operating procedures by pilots and air [...]

Shape Up2011-07-26T07:00:35+02:00
18 04, 2011

Huh, Woa and Phew


It is no any gibberish, just the three words associated with the TEM (Threat and Error Management) process. From aviation safety perpective, Huh? is the most important, because is an identifier of a potential threat  or hazard. The second Woa [...]

Huh, Woa and Phew2011-04-18T07:47:43+02:00