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“Cabin Air Quality” / CAA Safety Report 2004

The Civil Aviation Authority(UK) initiated its research programme into cabin air quality in 2001 after a small number of events, including two on UK registered aircraft, where flight crew were partially incapacitated. Evidence from these incidents indicated that contamination of the ventilation systems by engine oil fumes was the most likely cause…




The research described in this report addresses the effect of cabin air contamination on the pilot’s ability to safely fly and land the aircraft.The symptoms have been widely reported and are diverse in nature. There are two major classes of symptoms, which are reported as being associated with odours in the cabin, irritation of the eyes and nasal passages and feelings of nausea followed by dizziness…

** For reading full report-CAA Safety Regulation Group:

     CAA Air cabin Toxic 2004  (52 pages)

      Civil Aviation Authority CAA / United Kingdom


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