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Aerospace Medicine Principles Dr.Ogle & Dr.Ross

Modified DC-9 for Aeromedical Transport¬† “Flight Surgeon inside DC-9 for Aeromedical Transport”
Sooner or later, most physicians who travel on airlines¬†eventually hear the overhead call from a flight attendant, “Are there any doctors on board?” This brief review of aerospace medical principles will help physicians respond with confidence to this call. Familiarity¬†helps physicians effectively assist and integrate with¬†specialists during preflight operations during mass air evacuations following large-scale natural or manmade disasters¬†

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Author: John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP, Col (Dr), Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Longmont United Hospital; Voluntary Clinical Faculty, Stanford University Medical Center
Coauthor(s): Heather Ross, MD, Faculty, Physician Assistant Program, Red Rocks Community College; Medical Educator, Flight Surgeon, United Airlines; Consulting Staff, Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital, Exempla St Joseph’s Hospital, and Exempla Lutheran Hospital

¬† Dr.Ogle after F-16 flight¬†¬†¬† “Dr. Ogle with his anti-G suit after a F-16 Flight”

Updated Oct,2008

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