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Research report into Australian commercial pilots鈥 experiences with fatigue

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The research report, Fatigue experience and culture in Australian commercial air transport pilots , highlights the majority of pilot surveyed reported they were well rested at the end of their last duty. Over half of the pilots reported having seven hours of sleep or more in the previous 24 hours, and over 60 per cent reported having more than 14 hours in the previous 48 hours at the end of their past . The report shows that 10 per cent of pilots reported obtaining less than five hours of sleep in the previous 24 hours, and 17 per cent reported they had less 12 hours in the previous 48 hours of their last fight.

In Australia, high capacity regular public transport operators are required to transition to the new fatigue rules by聽30 September 2019. All other operators will need to adopt the new fatigue requirements by 26 March 2020.

Fatigue Experience and Culture in Australian Commercial Air Transport Pilots 2019 / (63 pag.)

Fatigue Management for all transport operations

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In the transportation industry, crews often work long and irregular schedules 鈥 sometimes crossing multiple time zones or in challenging conditions 鈥 that are not always conducive to proper restorative sleep. Fatigue poses a risk to the safety of freight train, marine and air operations because of its potential to degrade several aspects of human performance.

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Caffeinated gum keeps Israeli pilots, commandos alert

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The Israeli army is supplying aviators and special operations forces a caffeine-charged chewing gum that dramatically enhances their ability to cope with fatigue on long missions, the Yediot Aharonot daily reported. The “Stay Alert Gum“, a food supplement, was developed by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in conjunction with the Wrigley’s company, as part of ongoing efforts to curb fatigue-related injuries and deaths, said Xinhua…..

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Duty Time and Fatigue Video

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Fatigue is one of the threats to flight safety. Long hours of activity may decrease the ability of the crew. Rest and聽 Flight Duty Times regulations聽 are essential countermeasures to prevent the effects of fatigue on performance. Humor is just one way for not forgetting it 隆

The Pilot Diaspora

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This article published at last issue of Aerosafety Wordl October 2011 briefs the BALPA 2010 survey about pilot lifestyle. Of the many findings suggested by this research, some regarding to roster and economic factors contibuting to pilot commuting time and stress are worthwhile. More than 73% of respondents said they had felt unduly stressed at work. Over 30% took between 60 and 120 minutes to commute. The data suggest deterioration in relations betwwn pilot and manegement.聽Currently the pilot morale is low. Only 19% of them woulrl recommend a career in aviation to their offspring.

** The Pilot Diaspora

聽聽聽聽聽 Simon Bennett / AeroSafety World October 2011

Fighting Pilot Fatigue on Military Charter Flights

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Civilian pilots who transport troops put in long hours on little sleep.聽聽Not enough military planes and pilots to transport U.S. troops means that 87 percent of personnel flown around the globe are carried by civilian charter airlines. For years, pilot unions and safety advocates have sought to reform what they call outdated work rules, particularly for charter airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a proposed rule that would reduce the number of hours pilots can fly and increase the amount of rest they get between long trips. This article highlights the fatigue as important cause of military transport 聽accidents

** Fighting Pilot Fatigue on Military Charter Flights

聽聽聽聽 Alan Levin / Bloomberg Bussinessweek – Air Safety 27-10-2011

Flight Attendant Fatigue : A review of Comments

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Today鈥檚 aviation industry is a 24/7 operation that produces a variety of challenges for cabin crew members including extended duty periods, highly variable schedules, frequent time zone changes, and increased passenger loads.聽The present content analysis study was conducted to provide a quantitative review of flight attendant comments. This report corroborate and emphasize the main issues of concern for flight attendants: long duty days, length of layovers, long delays, breaks, and nutrition, that has been known in other surveys. It has a special interest for AMES’s who care flight attendants

**Flight Attendant Fatigue: A Quantitative Review of Comments

聽聽聽 DOT/FAA/AM-11/16 .office of Aerospace Medicine. Washington – October 2011-

聽 Avers KB, Nei D, King JS, Thomas S, Roberts C, Banks JO, Nesthus TE


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Cada d铆a recibimos m谩s informaci贸n; por e-mails, por聽 redes sociales, por tel茅fonos m贸viles, adem谩s de los medios habituales: prensa, radio y televisi贸n. El aceler贸n de la tecnolog铆a ha provocado que la informaci贸n nos bombarde茅 a discreci贸n, en tal medida que puede llegar a afectarnos.聽La ‘infoxicaci贸n’ empeora la capacidad anal铆tica, aumenta la ansiedad y conduce a decisiones err贸neas. El psic贸logo David Lewis cre贸 el concepto de S铆ndrome de Fatiga Informativa, en su informe Dying for information?聽 para la agencia Reuters. La informaci贸n es libertad, pero en exceso es asfixiante y perjudicial. Date un respiro y lee este interesante art铆culo que seguro te ayuda a sortear la superficialidad de esta entradilla.

** Atentos a todo.. y a nada

聽聽聽聽 Sergio Fanjul / 聽El Pais/ 12/05/2011

A vueltas con la Fatiga

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Fatiga, el tema de nunca acabar. Para los que todav铆a s贸lo tienen en cuentas las horas de vuelo y hacen c谩lculos 鈥渁legres鈥 con respecto a la fatiga en las tripulaciones y se atreven a decir que trabajan menos que una secretaria, aqu铆 pueden leer varios art铆culos publicados por Flight safety Foundation en AeroSafety World del mes de enero…

Un abrazo para todos

** Ground effect on fatigue 聽(Pilot fatigue takes off before the aircarft does)

** Fatigue Old resistance 聽( New Proposals, Old Resistance)

** Flight attendants fatigue聽聽(Too tired: Wake, sleep and alertness underestimated)

Owatonna Airport Accident 2008: Fatigue was a contributing factor

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Pilot error was to blame for the crash of a Hawker Beechcraft 125-800A in July 2008, the NTSB said on Tuesday (15th march). The airplane, operated by East Coast Jets, crashed when the crew attempted a go-around after landing on a wet runway at Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, in Minnesota. Contributing factors were poor crew coordination and lack of cockpit discipline; fatigue, which likely impaired both pilots’ performance; and the FAA’s failure to require crew resource management training and standard operating procedures…

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