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Aviation safety suffers further setback after Helios conviction

Jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012 FSI / Curt Lewis 1 comentario

A Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has received a 10 year prison sentence by an ¬†Athens court for allegedly not resetting a cockpit switch following maintenance on the Helios Airways Boeing 737-300 which crashed into a mountain near Athens in 2005 after its oxygen supply failed and the pilots and most of the passengers fell unconscious. It is difficult to grasp how aviation safety can be improved if the legal process surrounding an aircraft accident allows an engineer to be condemned to a prison sentence based on an “assumption” that a cockpit Switch (critical to flight safety) was set in the incorrect position….


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Aircraft Maintenance :Behind Hangar Gates

Do you remember the last slide show from English Russia? Now it is the time for the second part to come. Today you will learn about what is happening with a plane at the airport, how the scheduled maintenance is carried out, how all the planes are circumfused with de-icing fluid and also how these birds are seered off. There are many people working behind the lights to assure a safe aircraft performance…


** Airport as a Plane sees it : Hangar Maintenance

      Sergei Dolya. Photographer