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Lista medicamentos excluidos de la Seguridad Social

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El Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad ha publicado en su p谩gina web la lista de los medicamentos que quedan excluidos de la prestaci贸n farmac茅utica de la Seguridad Social . Medicamentos tan conocidos como Almax, Fortasec, Voltaren u Omeprazol son algunos de los 426 f谩rmacos que, a partir de ahora, los usuarios de la Seguridad Social deber谩n pagar de forma 铆ntegra. As铆 mismo en el enlace del Ministerio tienes toda la informaci贸n sobre el nuevo sistema de aportaci贸n de los usuarios en la prestaci贸n farmaceutica ambulatoria.

**Listado medicamentos excluidos de prestaci贸n farmaceutica de la Seguridad Social Junio 2012

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Drugs and Alcohol in Civil General Aviation Accident Pilot Fatalities 2004-2008

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The data for this study was from 1353 pilots who died from 2004 to 2008, most from general aviation accidents. The majority of the pilots held a third-class medical certicate. Drugs or medications were found from 42% of pilots tested, being Diphenhydramine (an H1 antihistimine with impairing properties) the most common. The FAA has taken steps to warn pilots of the dangers in using this medication that can be dispensed as both a prescription and over the counter. A 7% of pilots were found alcohol levels above FAA limit. Interesting thecnical report advisable for the AME’s -aviation medical examiners- who issue medical certicates for priveta pilots

** Drugs and Alcohol in Civil Aviation Accident Pilot Fatalities From 2004-2008

聽聽聽聽聽 DOT/FAA/AM-11/13. Office of Aerospace Medicine. Washington, DC 20591

聽聽聽聽聽 Canfield,D.;Dubowski,K;Chaturvedi,A and Whinnery,J.

聽聽聽聽 聽Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI)- Oklahoma City, OK聽聽聽聽 -September 2011-


FAA Changes Policy on Antidepressants for Pilots

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FAA will allow some pilots to fly while taking one of four approved medications for mild to moderate depression, provided they have been stable on the medication聽.On a case-by-case basis beginning April 5, pilots who take one of four antidepressant medications 鈥 Fluoxetine (Prozac), Sertraline (Zoloft), Citalopram (Celexa), or Escitalopram (Lexapro) 鈥 will be allowed to fly if they have been satisfactorily treated on the medication for at least 12 months.The FAA鈥檚 policy is consistent with recommendations from the Aerospace Medical Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Air Line Pilots Association and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

**聽FAA Proposes New Policy on Antidepressants for Pilots

** FAA Policy on Antidepressants: Questions and Answers