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ICAO Manual of Aviation Medicine 2012

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The first edition of the ICAO Manual of Civil Aviation Medicine (Medical Manual) was published in 1974, second in 1985 and now this is the third edition in a attempt to  reflect those advances as they apply to civil aviation medicine, emphasizing the clinical problems encountered in medical certification in civil aviation. It is designed for the experienced designated medical examiner as well as for the aviation medical expert and medical assessor, to aid in the approach and management of intricate borderline cases. When consulting the Medical Manual it should be remembered that it is intended as guidance material only and as such has no regulatory status.


** ICAO Manual of Aviation Medicine   Doc 8984 - AN/895

      3d Edition -International Civil Aviation Organization

      999 University Street, Montréal, Quebec, Canada H3C 5H7

ICAO Safety Management Manual

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The manual initially presents basic safety concepts, as the foundation upon which to understand the need for both an Safety System (SMS) and an Safety Programme (SSP). The manual then discusses how these safety concepts are embodied in the ICAO Standards contained in Annexes 1, 6, 8, 11, 13 and 14. The manual thereafter outlines a principled approach to the implementation of an SMS by service providers and the progressive implementation and maintenance of an SSP, with emphasis on the role civil aviation authorities play in supporting SMS implementation by service providers. If you -as AME-want to know the meanings of safety concepts like LOFT, LOSA, CRM, and many more , this is the place. Do not miss it ¡


** ICAO ¬†Safety Management Manual¬† -2nd Ed- 2009¬† —264 pag—

      Doc 9859, Safety Management Manual (SMM)  Order Number: 9859

      ISBN 978-92-9231-295-4. Quebec/ Montreal/ CANADA

ICAO Search and Rescue Forum 2010

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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) invites participants, sponsors and exhibitors to its ICAO Global Civil Aviation Search and Rescue (SAR) Forum that will take place in Abu Dhabi from 21-22 June 2010 at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel. Civil aviation search and rescue (SAR) requires the close cooperation of many participating entities and to fill recently identified gaps in SAR service provision that compromise global effectiveness.


** ICAO SAR Forum Program at United Arab Emirates