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¬Ņ Sabes c√≥mo…. se interpreta un NoTAM?

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NOTAM or NoTAM es el acr√≥nimo ingl√©s de Notice To Airmen (Aviso a navegantes). Las agencias de gobierno crean y transmiten los NOTAM siguiendo las especificaciones del Anexo 15 (Servicios de informaci√≥n aeron√°utica) de la Convenci√≥n Internacional de Aviaci√≥n Civil. Los NOTAM se crean para alertar a los aviadores de cualquier clase de peligros en una ruta o en alg√ļn lugar en especial. Cuando un piloto entrega su plan de vuelo, el servicio de informaci√≥n de la autoridad correspondiente le comunica todos los NOTAM pertinentes.

Captain Roger Victor “The Puppet Pilot”

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Captain Roger Victor is a puppet airline pilot from Speed Tape Airlines , a very,…very low , low ….. cost and no frill¬† US Regional Airline. His satire videos about funny airline life are worthy of watching. Don`t miss it¬°

Enjoy this one about “The Acronym Song” , amazing and brilliant…

Pilots incapacitated by cold?

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The British AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Branch) released their bulletin concluding  the probable cause of an incident that British Airways A321 had near London on Dec 20th 2011 :
“The symptoms experienced by the commander may have been the result of the after-effects of a cold, combined with coincidental head and aircraft movement. The temporary symptoms experienced by the co-pilot may have been a reflection of the potentially evolving situation of an incapacitation at an early stage in the flight leading to possible mild hyperventilation.”

Do you want to read the whole story?

** Incident: British Airways A321 near London on Dec 20th 2011, both flight crew nearly passed out 

Simon Hradecky / 11th-Oct-2012 / The Aviation Herald

JetBlue pilot has psychotic episode in prison

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The JetBlue Airways pilot who disrupted a cross-country flight by leaving the cockpit and ¬†yelling about religion and terrorists has had a psychotic episode in prison and requires further mental evaluation. Clayton Osbon was charged with interference with a flight crew, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity last month. A forensic neuropsychologist testified in a short, unpublicized trial that Osbon had a “brief psychotic disorder” at the time of the flight brought on by lack of sleep…


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A commercial pilot stole plane, committed suicide wanted in connection with murder

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A commercial pilot wanted in connection with the killing of his girlfriend in Colorado  Springs tried to steal a commercial airplane early Tuesday at the St. George Municipal Airport (Utah), then committed suicide, investigators said. The man who shot and killed himself inside a commandeered SkyWest airplane early Tuesday was 40-year- old Brian Joseph Hedglin, St. George spokesman Mark Mortensen confirmed.

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Deaf, blind student gets to fly plane

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Katie Inman climbed into the cockpit of the Piper Warrior airplane and put on a thick pair of headphones. The plane roared to life and began taxiing down the runway for takeoff. With her right hand, Katie guided the nose of the plane into the air.With her left, she reached in the back seat of the four-seater plane where her interpreter, Ashley, signed instructions into her hand…


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Duty Time and Fatigue Video

Fatigue is one of the threats to flight safety. Long hours of activity may decrease the ability of the crew. Rest and  Flight Duty Times regulations  are essential countermeasures to prevent the effects of fatigue on performance. Humor is just one way for not forgetting it ¡

The “toxic” Captain : How to identify?

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Shortly after¬†take off from Douala, Cameroon, the pilots of a B737 from Kenya Airlines lost its control . The captain experienced confusion and spatial disorientation and the aircraft entered in an unrecovered spiral dive. Inadecuate operational control, lack of crew coordination and non adherence to standard procedures were among the causes according to Civil Aviation authorities.¬†Research about captain established certain personality traits as “Toxic” Captain capable to make a cockpit environment that can be a safety risk.¬† Let us learn to prevent these behaviors.

Toxic captain:

  • strong character and heightened ego;
  • authoritative and domineering attitude with subordinates;
  • paternalistic attitude;
  • deficiencies in CRM;
  • a ‚Äútouch of arrogance


** The Toxic Captain

      Robert I. Baron / Aerosafety World- March 2012

Pilot went nuts on board

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A Jet Blue flight bound for Las Vegas landed unexpectedly in Amarillo after a “medical situation” arose involving the captain. The airline says in a statement that the pilot in command of Flight 191 from New York then elected to land in the Panhandle of Texas about 10 a.m. Tuesday.¬† The airline says an off-duty captain who happened to be aboard the plane went to the flight deck and took over the duties of the ill captain “once on the ground.”¬†Jet Blue says the ill captain was taken to a medical facility.The airline says the passengers are awaiting another plane to take them on to their destination…

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CheapAirlines : “Tecnolog√≠a C.A.C.A.”

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La tripulaci√≥n de CheapAirline ¬†se enfrenta a la tecnolog√≠a ATC m√°s avanzada: los Centros A√©reos de Control Autom√°tico. ¬ŅLograr√°n aterrizar?.As√≠ comienza el primer cap√≠tulo de la serie que publica

Seguiremos el canal creado por Extracrew que ir√° publicando los viernes m√°s videos de Cheap Airlines