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Space Shuttle Flight Deck: Exclusive New Pictures with a new 360 panorama

Miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012 Twitter Sin comentarios

This week NASA‘s space shuttle Discovery will fly low over Washington, D.C., atop a jumbo jet and roll into its new permanent home with the Smithsonian Institution. Once the spaceship is settled into the museum, visitors won’t be able to hop into the commander’s seat and fiddle with switches‚ÄĒthe institution intends to seal up Discovery indefinitely. To provide an unprecedented look at Discovery and the other retired space shuttles, both inside and out, photographers with National Geographic recently capture¬† more than two dozen ultrahigh-resolution, 360-degree pictures of each orbiter. (The Society owns National Geographic News.)


** Space Shuttle in Extreme Detail: Exclusive New Pictures / National Geographic / Dave Moser

¬†Instructions: To explore this gigapan, use the controls at the left of the image, click and drag with your mouse, or use your keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate left or right and the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out. Click “View All” to see the entire image. Click on the snapshots to learn more about certain details