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Air traffic controllers aren’t keeping to no-doze schedule

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New regulations intended to keep air traffic controllers from dozing off on duty have been violated nearly 4,000 times, according to internal Federal Aviation Administration documents. After a controller fell asleep last year in the tower at Reagan National Airport, it emerged that such lapses were commonplace at airports across the country, and the FAA said it would act to curb the problem. There have been repeated violations of a requirement that controllers have at least nine hours off between shifts. Last year instructed the FAA to work with the union on rules to ensure that the controllers who manage 24,000-27,000 commercial flights a day to arrive at work well rested.


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** Air Traffic Controllers arent’t keeping to no-doze schedule

     Ashley Hasley/ 15-June-2012

Owatonna Airport Accident 2008: Fatigue was a contributing factor

Pilot error was to blame for the crash of a Hawker Beechcraft 125-800A in July 2008, the NTSB said on Tuesday (15th march). The airplane, operated by East Coast Jets, crashed when the crew attempted a go-around after landing on a wet runway at Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, in Minnesota. Contributing factors were poor crew coordination and lack of cockpit discipline; fatigue, which likely impaired both pilots’ performance; and the FAA’s failure to require crew resource management training and standard operating procedures…



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Guía AESA sobre Limitaciones Tiempo de Vuelo y Descansos

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Limitaciones del tiempo de vuelo, del n√ļmero de saltos, del vuelo nocturno, tripulaciones de refuerzo, periodos de descanso, etc… Son todas ellas, medidas de organizaci√≥n del trabajo en aviaci√≥n comercial cuyo objetivo es disminuir la fatiga y mejorar la seguridad de vuelo.


Aquí puedes leer la Resolución de AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea) de 30 de Abril de 2010 sobre la Guía de Limitaciones de Tiempos de Vuelo y Descanso para tripulaciones de aviones comerciales que regula esta materia de forma temporal hasta que se publique la circular correspondiente.


** Limitacion Tiempos de Vuelo y Descanso ( Resolucion AESA) Abril 2010

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Rest in Place: Controlled in-seat napping on the flight

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Some aviation officials and aeromedical specialist recommend controlled napping to help pilots alert; others say naps are not the answer. The U.S. Federal Aviation administration (FAA) does not permit napping by on duty flight crewmembers. Margaret Gillingham, FAA associate administrator for aviation safety said that fatigue could be managed through regulations and flight crew should be alert throughout the flight…

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